Education Industry

Go paperless; Use whatsApp
Use WhatsXion bulk whatsApp to send information about exam schedules, reading material, and meeting invites to students, parents and staff. Insert PDFs, spreadsheets, docs or weblinks.
Simplify 2-way communication
Allow parents and students to easily seek information by sending an whatsApp. Send automated responses along with any relevant information documents.
Be independent
WhatsXion multi-user accounts allow each of your college departments conduct their own whatsApp campaigns while you centrally manage purchases and lock down whatsApp templates.
Make the most of the admission season
Attract the right students by showcasing your university and courses with WhatsXion attachments and shortlinks in your whatsApp marketing campaigns. What’s more, you can track click rates in real-time and finteune your message content for maximum.
Say it with a picture
Do you get frequent calls from anxious parents enquiring about their toddlers at the day care center? Send them updates about their kids’ activities in text format or as photos via whatsApp through the day.
DSend personalized notifications
From exam scores to classroom assignments, share personalized information with your students and teachers at one go with WhatsXion merge fields. Messages can be composed in English or 20+ regional languages.
Update on-the-go
Even your teachers and college staff can send emergency updates, event or classroom activity delays and updates on-the-go using our mobile app.
Send automatic notifications
Send attendance alerts, birthday wishes, payment reminders and university acceptance notifications by integrating your database with our comprehensive whatsApp API gateway.
Make ticketing processes simple
Get rid of cumbersome ticketing and tracking processes by sending WhatsXion mobile tickets for alumni meets, seminars or exhibitions.