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Enthuse and engage Enthuse and engage
No need to hand out pamphlets or send them via post. Easily create and send memorable promotional whatsapp campaigns – share files and images, personalize with multiple merge fields, compose regional language texts and more.
Information on the go Information on the go
Make it easier for people to donate. With an whatsapp postcode lookup service they can locate their nearest donation center or local charity service. Forward inbound whatsapp from customers to your application and send across the location of nearest donation center.
Express gratitude Express gratitude
No more delayed or missed responses. Set up automated personalized thank-you responses along with payment receipts whenever you receive a donation. Integrate your CRM application with WhatsXion whatsapp APIs in minutes.
Easy ticketing and tracking attendance Easy ticketing and tracking attendance
Ease event management by sending WhatsXion mobile tickets that can be redeemed at the site. Get to know who attended and who didn’t.
Drum up better participation Drum up better participation
Assess donor participation by asking them to sign up for an event by simply sending an whatsapp to your inbox. Easily setup your whatsapp inbox with our long code and short code services.
Faster outreach Faster outreach
From exam scores to classroom assignments, share personalized information with your students and teachers at one go with WhatsXion merge fields. Messages can be composed in English or 20+ regional languages.
Customized solutions Customized solutions
Just tell us what you need and allow WhatsXion team to tailor whatsapp solutions for you! Our expert in-house team can also set up your campaigns, integrate with your CRM systems and deliver bespoke reports.
Enterprise grade administration Enterprise grade administration
Allow multiple offices in different locations create different accounts and send their own whatsapp campaigns while you centrally manage purchases and credit allocation. WhatsXion also helps you create multi-user accounts.
Manage multiple branches Manage multiple branches
Let your branches conduct their own whatsapp campaigns while you centrally manage the credits distribution, restrict user privileges and lock down templates with WhatsXion’s enterprise-grade features.
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